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Holographic Acupressure Discs

                        Holographic Acupressure Pain Relief Discs order now            Holographic Acupressure Sleep Discs order now               The ancient art of acupressure meets modern holographic technology. . .

. . . in these new therapeutic discs. These discs are programmed with specific frequencies that, when place on acupressure points on the skin that are especially sensitive to bio-electric impulses, block pain, reduce inflammation or induce sleep.

For over five thousand years, Asian cultures have recognized that these areas conduct human energy. In recent years, Western scientists have mapped out and proven the existence of these systems.

Science has also shown that stimulating these points can result in a whole host of natural body reactions including neurochemical release which can block pain, promote healing, boost immune function, induce sleep, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

The body's response is directly related to how the holograms are programmed and their exact placement on the meridians.

This is an all-natural response -The hologram does nothing more than influence the body to function at its most efficient level

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