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East Enterprises, Inc. is an online distribution company offering products that promote good health. My name is Mark East and I am a Registered Pharmacist with thirty-three years of experience in the retail pharmacy setting and owner of East Enterprises, Inc. A graduate of The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, (now USP), I founded my company with the concept of extending my experience and knowledge of healthcare products to a larger audience. My company's mission is to offer only unique, safe and effective products of excellent quality that will promote good health and a healthy lifestyle for our customers.






















About Mark East, RPh.       


About HerillaFingerHydration's creator  

The cream that J. Richard Herilla, a pharmacist and creator of the HerillaFingerHydration formula, developed started in 1979 when he began compounding it for prescription requests. This formula worked better than any other commercial product. Rich first produced the formula at home and had his friends and family try it. His wife encouraged Rich to develop and market this amazing product. Seven years and many test batches later LipoHydroDerm (the original product name) became a reality. In March of 2010, the first wholesale production batch was launched.  



About John Schaeffer, creator of Holographic Acupressure Discs     

Mr. Schaeffer began his career in sports and fitness as a teen. During the past forty years, he was an accomplished professional athlete, including being a World Champion in both Powerlifting and Professional Kickboxing. He has held numerous World records in Powerlifting and a Masters Super Heavyweight World Championship in Professional Kickboxing. Mr. Schaeffer spent more than ten years researching and developing his holographic product searching for the exact frequencies to be programmed in his discs.    read more . . . Click here for an informational video.


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